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Posted: Saturday Jan 16, 2021

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Posted: (2 days ago) Pre-coronavirus, we had an office where we also hosted birthday parties, and in the office we had a pet. His name is Smaug, and he is a bearded dragon. He lives in a 40-gallon tank, eats mostly leaves, and I love him dearly. Some people have work wives; I had a work dragon.


Pets - vocal.media

Posted: (20 days ago) The pet can help calm you down when you are upset and can help you feel less frustrated and angry when things go wrong. If you have children with special needs, a pet can help them do better in school, focus more, and be happier about going to school and coming home. Pets are great for anyone and can really help provide so many benefits.


Pet Cam - Vocal

Posted: (2 days ago) Enter the Pet Cam Challenge and share what kind of shenanigans your pets could possibly get into when left to themselves! 🐈 🐕 Requirements For your story to be eligible, it must be between 600 and 5,000 words and adhere to our Community Guidelines .



Posted: (1 months ago) The exotic pet industry is booming, especially as people begin to see pets as an extension of themselves. After all, who would want a regular cat when they could have a serval? Who would want a dog when they could have a legit fox?


Best Pet Charities in America - Vocal

Posted: (2 days ago) This pet charity works by giving shelter to over 1,500 different animals, including a total of 800 dogs and a huge swath of cats as well. Unlike other groups on this list, the animals aren't up for adoption. As of right now, it's a rare, "no kill, care for life" sanctuary for animals that were inches away from death. As a result of all the ...

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Pet Adventures - Vocal

Posted: (25 days ago) This is why I started Pet Adventures. I am challenging you to write about what you know. Your pets! You will be able to share your stories with your family and friends. You can even illustrate pictures to make your stories even more creative. So have fun writing, drawing, and sharing your pet's adventures. Last but not least. Take good care of ...

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Pet Mom - Vocal

Posted: (2 months ago) Be a proud pet mom/dad and talk all about your crazy four/three-legged fur babies. Yes, even birds and other animals can count. share those crazy stories of your cat scaring your dog or how your bunny stole the cat's food. Never know who would love to hear about your crazy fur family flaunt those babies with pride!

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Pet Herman - Vocal

Posted: (10 days ago) Their pet walks over lifting her leg to reveal her sweet pinkness. Lori pulls back and Herman kneels to take her place. “No! The both of you.” Jenn demanded. Herman and Lori smiled at one another and dived into her juices. Herman sucked her clit, hard then soft as Lori tongues her sweet hole. She loved the way she tasted.


Ultimate Guide to Vintage Penthouse Pets

Posted: (1 days ago) Joanne Latham, the Penthouse 10th Anniversary Pet, is a legend among vintage Penthouse Pets. She was the first Pet to set off a bidding war between the masters of erotica. She was barely legal when she first made a splash as a Page Three girl and the subject of a British TV documentary. Hugh Hefner of Playboy wanted her but so did Bob Guccione.

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Bob Guccione's Favorite Penthouse Pets

Posted: (1 days ago) Bob Guccione’s muses manifested themselves as Penthouse Pets. His photography of these beautiful women defined erotic art for the latter part of the 20th century.

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