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Posted: Friday Nov 20, 2020

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Posted: (4 days ago) Online pet pharmacy. Vetsend is a trustworthy online pet pharmacy that offers pet medications, diet food and food supplements. Are you looking for calming products that could help your pet during stressful events such as Bonfire Night or when moving house?

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Dog Supplies & Products | Buy Pet Supplies Online ...

Posted: (5 days ago) As a pet owner, you want to provide your furry friend with high-quality dog food. We can roughly distinguish two different kinds of dog food: dry dog food and wet dog food. Dry dog food consists of kibbles, whereas wet food consists of a softer and moister texture. Dry kibbles are easier to store and can be left in your dog’s bowl for hours.

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Pet Faces | Dogs | Buy Now

Posted: (8 days ago) Pet Faces. A golden retriever in the dog's basket, a chihuahua on the sofa and a boxer in the bed. With the Pet Faces, you can fill your home with various dog breeds. How about a playful Rottweiler or a cute English bulldog? The soft cushions have a dog breed print and can be used as cuddly toys for your dog or as comfortable pillows in the crate.

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Smart Pet Love - Vetsend

Posted: (5 days ago) Smart Pet Love. Is your pet constantly anxious and you're not sure what to do anymore? Well, say hello to Smart Pet Love's revolutionary Snuggle Puppy comfort toy. Designed to relieve anxiety and stress, this breakthrough tool features a realistic beating heart as well as a heat source which help in calming down stressed pets.

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Pet QR Smart Tag | Dogs & Cats | Shop

Posted: (21 hours ago) With the Pet QR Smart Tag you'll always be able to find your dog or cat. Shop your pet supplies online at! Free veterinary advice Free delivery on orders over £59 Delivery: 2-4 working days Free returns * Menu. 0. My Account United Kingdom Nederland België 0 Menu. Dogs Cats Horses Small Pets Birds


Happy Ride Pet Safety Seat | Dogs | Shop

Posted: (4 days ago) Happy Ride Pet Safety Seat . Back to Travel - Safety Enlarge image. Double click to enlarge the image Close Happy Ride Pet Safety Seat . Enjoy car rides with your furry friend by using the Happy Ride Safety Seat! It ensures extra safety on the road. Choose your product ...


Doggy Dry Pet Glove | Dogs | Shop

Posted: (6 days ago) The Doggy Dry Pet Glove is made of microfiber and is ideal for cleaning dog paws or to quickly remove loose hairs. Shop your dog supplies at!


Medical Pet Shirt | Dog & Cat |

Posted: (5 days ago) A Medical Pet Shirt (MPS in short) is suitable for both cats and dogs and is the answer to many issues that occur in canines and felines. Try out the Medical Pet Shirt for Dogs or the Medical Pet Shirt for Cats at Vetsend. Medical Pet Shirt Advantages. What sets the Medical Pet Shirt apart is the comfort it brings your pet.


Pet's Relief Atopi-3 | Skin | car & Dog |

Posted: (6 days ago) Atopi-3 from Pet's Relief is a supplement for cats and dogs whose skin needs a little extra support. Atopi-3 helps the skin to recover and keeps it healthy by maintaining a good skin barrier. Ideal for dry, sensitive or irritated skin.


Protective Shirts | Dog | - For your pet's ...

Posted: (8 days ago) The Medical Pet Shirt can also be used for dogs in heat or incontinent dogs by adding a sanitary towel or disposable pads and is comfortable, hygienic and machine washable at 30°C. The MPS-TOP Shirt 4 in 1 has multiple uses. Not only does it offer protection for wounds and bandaged areas (on the upper back, neck and chest areas), it can also ...