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Welcome to server pets! Collect over 150 pets, each with different rarities straight from your comfortable sofa at home! Dominate your server with your sheer amount …

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Posted: (52 years ago) Apr 24, 2021  · feed your pet and extend its life; requires you to have food for your pet. optional parameter that gets mimu to remind you (in dms) to feed your pet after 10 .play: play with your pet to extend its life.playdate [user]>.playdate @iara#0001: have a playdate with someone else's pet! sends you the link to vote for ...

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Posted: (52 years ago) to observe your pet. Use emoji reactions to feed and play with your pet. Pets can die from starvation, depression, alcohol overdose and fatal accidents. They sleep according to your timezone and its personality. To make your own pet, go to the website or download the mobile app. Chat with the AI by typing anything you want ...

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Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 05, 2021  · Every pet you adopt will start growing. In the next 100 hours, the pet will grow from a baby → teen → adult. Don't like the color of your pet? Don't worry, we have at least 3 color variations of every pet. Also, every pet has its own special skin. Like a rabbit, rabbit's special skin is an Easter rabbit. Where to get pet skin? In crates.

Pet Detail | My Server Pet

Posted: (52 years ago) My Server Pet is a customizeable server pet that you can name, give a picture, species and gender, and check on its status. If it's hungry, needy or sleepy, help it out with the commands! My Server Pet Commands::3 mynameis NAME: Set my name. When you set my name, that's my adoption date! You have to do this first!:3 mygenderis GENDER: Set my ...

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Posted: (52 years ago) pet. •info. serverstats - Displays information about the current server. userinfo - Displays very detailed info of pinged user. membercount - Displays the current amount of members that the server has. invite - Sends the invite of this bot. av - Displays a user's avatar. bav - Displays a user's avatar but bigger.

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Pet Simulator | Discord Server List

Posted: (52 years ago) Pet Simulator. 1 vote in June No reviews yet Join Server Vote 1. Overview. Members 94 Emotes 0 Sample Bots. Tags. Roblox Gaming Fun Report Server A server dedicated to a certaint roblox game. ...

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Posted: (52 years ago) Schauweg. Report. With this bot you can pet other Discord users and custom emotes, even animated ones. This bot only provides one command. !pet @User or !pet :custom_emote: For example using this command !pet @Schauweg will produce this result. It'll send the result as a message in the channel the command was typed as a gif image.

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Posted: (52 years ago) pet!readopt [pet] [petname] - When you reach 10,000 XP you can give your pet and adopt new one, plus you receive 20,000 Tickets as a reward! pet!delete - delete your pet 😢 Ratings & Reviews

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Posted: (52 years ago) Pet Bot. Pet Bot is a virtual pet simulator. You can adopt multiple pets and ensure that they are kept loved. Pets have a chance to develop health issues that you need to take care of. Forgetting about your pet will cause them to be taken away. You can request commands or report bugs in the discord. Have fun taking care of your pets! Features

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Pet Play Paradise [18+] | Discord Server List

Posted: (52 years ago) Piggy is a Free Levelling Bot which has a micro-RPG game in it to increase your servers interaction. Welcome to Paradise! You've arrived at an alluring island chain, all of which hosts a single resort with many different places of residence! This server is all about Pet Play, has been since it's …

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Posted: (52 years ago) Main Features Pet System Allow users to adopt an animal (choose from over 40 different kinds of pets!) to train, level up, and fight with. Includes tons of unique features that will make players addicted to your server and makes currency worthwhile!

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Zoo House Community | Discord Server List

Posted: (52 years ago) Emotes. Report Server. This community aims to be a safe place for novice and experienced pet keepers alike to come together and share or gain knowledge. We provide a place where you can ask questions and get advice in a shame free space about any pet you might keep. Come for advice, stay for the love of pets! 💬Get or give advice about your pets.

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Posted: (52 years ago) If you wish to keep him in your Discord server make sure to make him sleep each night or he'll bark at you randomly. He seems to be like that sometimes. Also, please play with him once a day, he loves to play with other users. I hope you enjoy this pet dog and treat him like your own.

Treat Detail | Mantaro |

Posted: (52 years ago) Pet system that helps you collect more rewards! (Use ~>pet to start) Make your chat funnier and livelier with ~>greet, ~>pat, ~>poke, ~>slap, ~>kiss, ~>hug and more! Play Music with (almost) zero loss or lag! (~>play, ~>queue, ~>np, ~>forceplay and more) Play fun games and enjoy your time!

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Posted: (52 years ago) Creator. Aresiel. Report. It's a bot for giving pictures of animals. Nothing big, just a small bot for animal pics. I'd say the best thing about this bot is that it doesn't need any special permissions, just normal member permissions. There's of course a a!help command. A few of the commands it has is: a!cat - A cat picture nothing special just ...

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Posted: (52 years ago) A pet project bot with powerful moderation menu, and fun commands including image editing.

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Leopard Geckos | Discord Server List

Posted: (52 years ago) Leopard Geckos is a server dedicated to providing a helpful and enjoyable community for past, present, and future leopard gecko owners as well as animal lovers in general. We are connected to the leopard gecko subreddit on Reddit, so give that a look too! We welcome beginners and experienced keepers alike, providing the resources, advice, and ...

Pet Detail | Penguin Powered |

Posted: (52 years ago) You can walk and train your pet which gains XP and loses Hydration and Hunger so make sure you feed you pet and give them water! Can I help out in any way? Yes! Of course! The easiest way of helping is by inviting the bot using this link to any servers you know may need it! If you want to become a staff member, you'll need to DM Holly#0696 and ask!

Pet Detail | Egg |

Posted: (52 years ago) Poor copy of original Anuken's Egg bot written in discord.js.. Reacts with "egg" if you type "egg", and reacts with "oh no" if you type "oh no". To view all the commands, type egg help.. Please notice that this bot is still in development - if you have any problems with this bot, join support server :)

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Posted: (52 years ago) Pet View: Check your Neko pet out. You can view their stats here. nya!pet: Lucky Guess: Pick a number between 1 and 117. Guess right you get all the coins from the server vault. nya!lucky guess [number] Blackjack: The card game. If you win, you can double your …

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Posted: (52 years ago) or invite the bot for others.) cat. This command gives you cat pictures! dog. Much like cat, this gives you dog pictures. random. This gives either a random colour, or a random number, depending on what you select. fast / math / phrase. Provides different types of fast typing / math challenges.

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Posted: (52 years ago) Aki. Akinator! Soundboard! Think of a character and I will guess it! 15 languages supported. Play Akinator & troll your friends with sounds. 888 votes this month. 146 reviews. Invite Vote. 888.

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Posted: (52 years ago) Gamble Bot. Simply the best gambling currency bot! Simple, clean and elegant. Tons of betting games to choose from! Fun pet shop! Marriage/Waifu cmds! 14 votes this month.

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Posted: (52 years ago) May 02, 2021  · The Simplest Cat Bot Created with ease-of-use in mind, Cat Bot responds to the word "cat" (or "cats") in 80+ languages with an adorable cat photo and fun fact.. With our new CatCache TM system, bot response times are usually less than 150ms.In other words, faster than the average blink of …

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Posted: (52 years ago) All commands here start with 'parrot'. 1. help [master]:The help page. Append [master] for Parrot Master commands. 2. info:View bot info. 3. list [repeat/detectswear/mute]:See who is repeated/detected for swearing/muted. Append nothing for a list of everything. 4. sc/swearcount [nick]View your or others' swear count 5. ping:Connection test. 6. uptime:…

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Discord Meme Bots - Discord Bots | Discord Bot List

Posted: (52 years ago) Fun pet shop! Marriage/Waifu cmds! Economy, Fun. View Invite. 6,955 ONLINE 7,669 Servers Bcoins Fresh, fun, and full-featured economy! Farm crops, adopt pets, join up with friends, play the market and build your empire! Crypto, Economy. View Invite. 6,051 ONLINE 402,766 ...

Pet Detail | Tatsu |

Posted: (52 years ago) In this update, we are adding the much-requested pet daycare as well as the pet cosmetic 2.0 system! 50+ new items including furniture, badges and two sets of background cards are also being added. The daycare will let you display multiple pets & also comes with free-form furniture placement; A much requested feature.

Care Detail | Maro |

Posted: (52 years ago) Nov 22, 2020  · The main focus of Maro is to allow for a quick retrieval of Skyblock statistics for a given player. It includes various commands in order to make your life a bit easier if you don't have access to Hypixel Skyblock.

Pet Detail | LaifuBot † |

Posted: (52 years ago) Creator. 9𝔱𝔥Law †. Discord. Report Direct Link. Laifubot at its core is a collectible card bot based around thousands of anime characters. Try collect your favorites in their highest rarity, or collect all versions of their images and GIFs. Then apply upgrades to them, or even rare badges to …

Pet Detail | Frog Bot |

Posted: (52 years ago) Mar 14, 2021  · Using frog bot is as simple as typing frog and it will find a random frog from it's API and send it! You can also say frog [frog] to re-see a frog, since every frog is named. Also you can fetch a random frog image from imgur by typing frog imgur, however be warned a lot of images just aren't frog images and something related to frogs.

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dont break the chain here | Discord Server List

Posted: (52 years ago) dont break the chain here | Discord Server List. Joining dont break the chain here...

Pet Detail | Wumpugotchi

Posted: (52 years ago) Heyo fellas, this is Wumpugotchi. It is basically a wumpus pet, get your own wumpus and race in your nitro motor against other wumpuses. Buy cool skins for your wumpus, and yes even GIF skins. How cool is that? w!wumpus - Shows your own wumpus. w!motor [train | upgrade | buy] [upgrade: a | p | power | acceleration] - Use your motor, if you want ...

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Strawberry Milk🍓 | Discord Server List

Posted: (52 years ago) Welcome to Strawberry Milk, This is an Age Regression and Pet Regression server. 100% SWF. 13+ required to join. Hope to see you! 1 vote in April No reviews yet …

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Discord Anime Bots - Discord Bots | Discord Bot List

Posted: (52 years ago) Discord Anime JRPG brought to life, collecting over 500 unique cards with stats and abilities to fight in PvP, PvE events, and Clan Wars! Anime, Game

Pet Detail | Virtual Diner |

Posted: (52 years ago) All orders are processed through our web panel then delivered by hand through Discord! Useful Commands. !help - Displays list of commands. !ping - View the bots api latency. !order - Order some food for our chefs to make. !myorder - View your order status. !feedback - Send us some feedback.

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丂卄卂ᗪㄖ山爪卂几匚乇尺 | Discord Bots

Posted: (52 years ago) _petxp -calculates how much energy you need to rank up a pet. _petlog (petname w/ spaces) -searches a wizard101 pet in the game or searches a random pet by default if no search name given. _petc ##### -common pet combination maker (can be confusing at first) petc chart for chart info. Empower Trading/Crafting Command(s):

Pet Detail | Alpagotchi |

Posted: (52 years ago) May 31, 2021  · pet-Increases joy of your alpaca: shop-Displays all items which can be bought: wallet: balance, money: Shows your balance of fluffies: work-Work to earn a random amount of fluffies: sleep [minutes]-Let your alpaca sleeps and regenerates energy: outfit [outfit]-Change the appearance of your alpaca: delete-Deletes all of your stored data: init: setup

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Roblox Discord Servers | Discord Server List

Posted: (52 years ago) A toxic-free community where you can socialize, participate in gameshows, fun events, giveaways, and more! Roblox, Giveaway. View Join. 205 1,261 members 189 emotes. Starlight Hangout. We are a Roblox Based server. We host daily giveaways and events. We …

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Dank Memer Trading Market | Discord Server List

Posted: (52 years ago) Emotes. Report Server. JOIN DANK MEMER TRADING MARKET. Why? 🎉Daily 1 Million+ giveaways! 🏦Heists Once a week! ⬆️Rewards for bumping the server! (its free) 🤝Very active trading community!! 🤖Tons of …

Pet Detail | Case Bot |

Posted: (52 years ago) Featured Commands: CB give/beg: gives the user some coins to spend CB buy [num, optional] [case] purchase that number, dafault to 1, of that case CB open [num, optional] [case] open num, default to 1, of that case CB pet [emoji/user] pet an emoji or user and gauge thier reaction CB atk [user] attack a user

Pet Detail | [RBot] Adopt Me Bot |

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 02, 2021  · (RBotAM!new update) Invite you to support server. (RBotAM!support server) This is the first RBot bot. The second bot will come on the January. The bot will tell you if there has new egg in adopt me. (RBotAM!new update) The bot will tell you if there has new pet in Adopt Me. (RBotAM!new update) It also will tell the pet in the new egg.

Pet Detail | Pokecord |

Posted: (52 years ago) Pokecord. Pokecord is a fun and interactive bot that allows you to catch, trade, duel and more! 9 votes this month.

Pet Detail | Cuddle |

Posted: (52 years ago) MAIN FEATURES: • Make a FULLY customizable "hug" leaderboard • Setup a channel where users can send suggestions • Give roles to a member when they join a voice channel (and remove it when they leave) • Translate a given text into any language supported by Google • Allow staff members to go AFK with a customizable AFK tag • Make your amazing & lovely discord server much better with ...

Pet Detail | Turtle Bot |

Posted: (52 years ago) Turtle Bot is a bot that can be used to moderate your server, but he was mostly made for fun. He has a bunch of amusing and unique commands, such as rock paper scissors, 100+ fun facts, an echo command and many more! ?help to get command list.

Pet Detail | Ami |

Posted: (52 years ago) Feb 14, 2021  · Ami. A global currency system, pet's, items, welcome system, music 24/7, levelling system and other stuff! Enjoy with others 200k+ users! 184 votes this month. 11 reviews.

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