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Posted: Wednesday Jan 20, 2021


Pet-Safe Indoor Plants | Tower Hill Insurance

Posted: (4 days ago) Pet-Safe Indoor Plants. November 16, 2020 | Tower Hill Insurance. Share this Post. Thinking about adding some greenery to your indoor space? Be careful! Many popular and trendy indoor plants are toxic if ingested by your pets. As we all know, our little furry family members like to nibble on everything when their owner’s back is turned.

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Hurricanes: Pet Safety | Tower Hill Insurance

Posted: (4 days ago) If your pet has a microchip, include a copy of the number along with your important documents in your hurricane kit. Just in case you and your pet are separated from one another in the confusion of the storm, include several recent photos to help in your search. Make sure to include photos showing you with your pet so you can prove ownership.


Plant Safety for Pets | Tower Hill Insurance

Posted: (6 days ago) If you suspect that your pet has ingested a potentially poisonous plant, contact your veterinarian or local emergency animal hospital immediately. For a detailed list of plants that are toxic for dogs, cats, and horses, visit (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), which includes photos of these plants along with ...


Preparing for a Hurricane: Home, Family, and Pets | Tower ...

Posted: (12 days ago) In case you and your pet become separated, be sure to keep a recent picture of you and your pet along with health/vaccination records. FEMA’s website includes a brochure and video with tips for preparing your pets for an emergency.


Be Spooky, But Safe | Tower Hill ... - Tower Hill Insurance

Posted: (2 days ago) People (and pet) costumes should be non-flammable. Err on the side of caution – not fashion – when selecting costumes for your two- and four-legged family members. To be safe, masks and costumes should not interfere with either vision or movement. To help avoid mishaps, accompany your pet at all times while he or she is wearing a costume.


Holi-Pet-Days | Tower Hill Insurance

Posted: (2 months ago) Holi-Pet-Days. December 12, 2012 | Tower Hill Insurance. Share this Post. It’s widely known that holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias are harmful if pets nibble on (or eat) the leaves, but there are a lot of other potential dangers to consider when making your holiday home pet friendly.

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