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Ten Ton Hammer | The Division 2: Best LMG Build

The Division 2: Best LMG Build. Whether you're new to Division 2, or an experienced player, it's still important to find a best build. In this case, here's an amazing LMG build that shreds through absolutely everything.

Posted: Sunday Oct 18, 2020

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Ten Ton Hammer | WoW Hunter Guide: Pet Information

Posted: (1 months ago) pet into an empty slot in the inactive pets section to stable that pet. Similarly if the player wishes to make a pet active all they need do is click and drag a pet from the stable into one of the active slots.


Ten Ton Hammer | Warlock Guide - Pet Information

Posted: (2 days ago) The Imp is an interesting pet and is the first pet you obtain. Available at level one, the Imp has only one attack (Firebolt) and is considerably weak. Its main role is in support, being able to stand back increasing your DPS, increasing your party’s health, and providing a very nice but simple buff.


Ten Ton Hammer | WoW Hunter Guide: Pet Skill List: Page 2

Posted: (2 days ago) It does high damage for a pet attack, but consumes lots of focus. It is commonly used by beast master hunters as a focus dump ability for all the focus they generate for their pets. Range: 20 yards Cost: 50 Focus Cooldown: None Available to: Wind Serpents. Rank. Damage. Level Required. Training Point Cost. 1. 11-13. 1. 1. 2. 21-23. 12. 5. 3. 36 ...


Ten Ton Hammer | WoW Hunter Guide: Pet Skill List: Page 3

Posted: (4 days ago) Prowl is a great PvP pet ability, as it puts your pet into stealth mode allowing it to sneak up on it's target. In addition the first attack it does once out of stealth gains a bonus to damage. This ability is the reason many hunters choose cats as their PvP pet.


Ten Ton Hammer | Controlling Pets

Posted: (2 months ago) An aggressive pet can cause a group to wipe quickly. Be careful when your pet is on follow and you are jumping off a ledge. Often, a pet will go the long way to get to where you are rather than following you off a ledge. If enemies are scattered along the path your pet takes, your pet may drag them all to you at an inopportune time.

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Ten Ton Hammer | Gotta Catch Them All: Dungeon Pets

Posted: (1 months ago) The pet itself is a tiny carved Jack-o-lantern on legs which is reminiscent of something out of A Nightmare Before Christmas. It will totter after you and, sometimes, retract its arms and legs to turn into a tiny, static carved pumpkin.


Ten Ton Hammer | Controlling Pets Guide

Posted: (4 months ago) When your pet is summoned and active, you will have a pet-control bar active on your user interface. All actions that your pet is capable of is represented by an icon on this bar. This bar is the tool to use when it comes to controlling your pet.


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