2015 November - Tactical Intelligence

Keep in mind, the more chickens you have in a coop in the winter, the warmer they will be, just provide enough space for them. Here is a link to a great site, “My Pet Chicken”, they have loads of good info and sell chicks and supplies, as well. Winter Breed Choices …

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How You Can Prevent (and Treat!) Venomous Snake Bites

Posted: (52 years ago) First things first, let’s tackle the many myths that are abound when it comes to snakes. Whether it’s because someone is quoting an antiquated piece of advice they found in a magazine from the 1970s or are unscrupulously trying to sell you a useless snakebite kit, there are plenty of untruths floating around online. Slit-Shaped Eyes = Venom? One of the most commonly known identifiers of a venomous snake is the shape of its eyes. Many people believe that a venomous snake has slit-shaped eyes. That’…

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2014 - Tactical Intelligence

Posted: (52 years ago) Most preppers get the idea that communication is an important capability to have during an emergency. Despite this understanding though, few preppers have a solid communication plan in place beyond a few two-way walkie-talkie devices and the false hope that their cellphone will still function.

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How to Stock up on Antibiotics without a Prescription

Posted: (52 years ago) Jul 03, 2014  · What many new preppers don’t realize is that the fish antibiotics they commonly sell over the counter in pet or aquatic-pet stores is the exact drug found in antibiotics that you’d purchase through your pharmacist with a prescription at often 10x the cost.

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Condom Water Boiling Fail - Tactical Intelligence

Posted: (52 years ago) Solar water disinfection is a water disaffecting method useing only sunlight and clear PET bottles ( plastic soda bottles). SODIS is a viable and effective water treatment method, backed by the World Health Organisation, for household water treatment in developing counties. Expose filled bottles to direct sunlight for at least 6 hours ( or two ...

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Activated Charcoal: A Must-Have Item in Every Preppers Med Kit

Posted: (52 years ago) At one time you could purchase activated charcoal in pet stores and the pet section of department stores. It is used in the filters especially when you have tropical fish. Reply to this comment . Comment by Miss Donna. 2015-03-18 21:51:10 Can activated charcoal be used for water purification? If not what kind of charcoal do you buy for that ...

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Survivalism to Go Mainstream in 2010 - Tactical Intelligence

Posted: (52 years ago) One of my biggest pet peeves are people that give away their power to others and don’t take responsibility into their own hands for their own welfare. They become dependent upon others around them (neighbors, families, government) and when the SHTF they expect a …

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2014 June - Tactical Intelligence

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 10, 2014  · What many new preppers don’t realize is that the fish antibiotics they commonly sell over the counter in pet or aquatic-pet stores is the exact drug found in antibiotics that you’d purchase through your pharmacist with a prescription at often 10x the cost.

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Why I Started Prepping…And Why Eating Squirrel is NOT a ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Oct 14, 2012  · i have always been into preparing for the worst of times. we were all expected to help grow a garden and tend the animals. we canned everything we could get our hands on. we walked the roadside and picked blackberries and raspberries. our parents made sure we knew where to go and what to do in case of something going wrong. putting dried beans in jars is my best bet. i put all kinds of …

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Perimiter Security System Needed

Posted: (52 years ago) Jul 06, 2011  · Cost wise, suitable dogs could likely be located without much research at any number of local outlets for short money and you’d be doing a good deed while also gaining a loyal family pet/companion. It’s a little off your original topic, but the ends could be very similar to what you’re trying to accomplish in a primary or supplementary role.

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Raising Chickens in Winter - tacticalintelligence.net

Posted: (52 years ago) Mar 07, 2014  · The image, below, although of a U.K. operation, is similar to some commercial poultry operations here in the U.S., as well. They are packed several birds to a cage and that is where they live 24/7 for their whole (but thankfully, brief) lives.

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How to Make Acorn Flour - Tactical Intelligence

Posted: (52 years ago) Cut the 1″x2″ s in half and hammer one end into the ground about 1 ft. Make a square about 4ft square. Staple the screen to the post tops draping somewhat loosely so the screen sags in the middle. When the Acorns fall they fall into the “net” and make collecting them easy, also helps keep away bugs and …

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How to Make a Homemade Water Filter - Tactical Intelligence

Posted: (52 years ago) Two 5-gallon food-grade buckets and lids – You should not need to pay for these. Most bakeries, grocery stores (the bakery section), and restaurants will give these away for free.One or more quality filter elements – These can be any of the Berkey style candle filters or thicker ceramic filters (which I use in this post). You’ll want to find one that has a filtration effici...A spigot

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Pinole: The Ultimate Bugout Food

Posted: (52 years ago) Step 1: Remove the dried corn kernals from the cobs (skip this step if you dehydrated frozen corn) Step 2: Heat up a non-stick pan (or oiled pan if you don’t have one) to medium heat. Step 3: Spread out the kernals on the hot pan so that none are on top of another. Heat until the majority swell up and turn round and light-brown. Step 4: Remove from heat, place the parched corn in a blender ...

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Space and Storage Calculator for Long-Term Food Storage

Posted: (52 years ago) Also put the D.E. in bulk beans, macaroni, pet and animal feeds, etc. You can wash it off before prepping, but if you don’t, it is NOT toxic and is a mineral supplement. (2) put CATNIP LEAVES (dried or fresh) around storage areas to deter mice – I do NOT know if purchased catnip is fresh enough.

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