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Get Free Business Resources from Deluxe and SCORE. Through our partnership, Deluxe customers have access to SCORE's network of small business mentors. SCORE mentors are available to offer their expertise on topics ranging from starting your business to marketing, and finance and more. Get the guidance and support you need to start or grow your

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7 Pet Businesses to Start | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Pet food and treats. A massive recall of pet food made in China in 2012 and 2013 … Pet products and accessories. The possibilities for pet products and accessories … Pet grooming services. Americans spend some $166 million annually on pet … Dog day care. Doting dog owners worry that animals left home alone all day will get … Pet sitting or at-home boarding service. Pet sitting is a low-cost startup, since you … Dog walking service. Dogs need exercise, and sometimes their owners don't have … Pet portrait painter/photographer. Pet lovers are willing to pay to have their furry … See full list on

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Walkers Pet HoTail | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Walkers Pet HoTail has been selected by the Tribune Review readers as the "Readers Choice Award" winner in the Winner Pet Supplies, Boarding and Grooming Category for 2016 and 2017. How SCORE helped. Over a period of about 5 years, six SCORE volunteers reviewes facets of their business. Areas included bookkeeping, inventory control, placement ...

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South Central Indiana | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) South Central Indiana SCORE is located in Columbus, Indiana, and serves all of South-Central Indiana. Our 26 volunteers have a wide range of business experience and are available to assist you with starting a new, or growing an existing business. All our services are free and confidential. Schedule A Mentor Meeting Today!

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Does Your Small Business Have a Strong Mission and Vision ...

Posted: (52 years ago) The purpose of a mission statement is to provide a short summary of the business’ purpose and focus. It can be complex or succinct, but it should never be more than one paragraph (and in many cases, more than one sentence). It’s OK to expound upon the overall mission once you’ve articulated its message, but the idea is for the mission statement to be simple enough to stand on its own. Although not essential, many mission statements identify the type of business they are, the products or services the…

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The Learning Dog of Hubbard, Ohio. A Youngstown SCORE ...

Posted: (52 years ago) The Learning Dog Training & Enrichment Center also offers one day training classes, seminars, playdates, cat behavior, bite prevention seminars at vet offices, and fun pet events. And stop in to check out our retail area offering hard-to-find training tools and unique pet …

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Startup Resources | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Starting a new business is both exciting and intimidating--but we're here to help! We provide all the resources you need to finalize your business idea, determine your business structure, create your business plan, get the startup financing, make a marketing plan and more.

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E-Commerce Shoppers’ Biggest Pet Peeves | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Jul 08, 2019  · For one-third of respondents, the biggest pet peeve about the e-commerce shopping carts is a lack of upfront pricing. Some 27 percent dislike having to create an account, while 22.9 percent are annoyed by high shipping costs. The Takeaway: Don’t try to hide things—especially when it …

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Barkly Pets | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Barkly’s initial success has allowed the company to give back to the community, in part by hosting events to support organizations like local pet rescues. The company was named Outstanding Job Creator at the 2016 SCORE Awards.

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The Action Plan for Pet Care Services | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) May 15, 2020  · Download the Action Plan for Pet Care Services to find solutions and protect your business during the coronavirus crisis, such as: Protecting yourself, …

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7 Pet Businesses to Start | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) The possibilities for pet products and accessories are endless, from basics like leashes, pet beds and collars to discretionary products like pet clothing, pet toys and designer pet furniture. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. pet owners buy holiday gifts for their pets, and 45 percent purchase pet …

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Love Your Pet Bakery | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Love Your Pet started as a pet-food bakery 28 years ago, and has since evolved into a dog and cat nutrition boutique. Owner Valarie Kamdar works with two SCORE mentors, Dan Wallace and John Pietro, who have helped her with accounting, pitching and marketing.

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Most Recent Posts | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) May 31, 2016  · The possibilities for pet products and accessories are endless, from basics like leashes, pet beds and collars to discretionary products like pet clothing, pet toys and designer pet furniture. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. pet owners buy holiday gifts for their pets, and 45 percent purchase pet birthday presents, Nielsen says.

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Well Point Veterinary Service | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Well Point Veterinary Service has expanded to a new, modern facility. Formerly housed in the same building as Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills, the new facility at 86 Roberts Road is much larger with expanded equipment and services. Well Point Veterinary Services provides the services to keep pets healthy through all stages of life. Well Point offers traditional medical

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How to Profit From a Fad | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) May 12, 2019  · Inventing a brand new fad product, like the inventor of the Pet Rock, Chia Pet or Rainbow Loom did, isn’t the only way to profit from a fad. You can also sell someone else’s fad product in your store or on your website, or quickly make or import a product tied to a fad (like the plastic vuvuzelas that became a fad during the 2010 World Cup).

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Dogtown Cincinnati | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Dogtown Cincinnati is a pet care business that caters to exactly what I needed before I opened it. I had struggled to find a place to take my dogs that was centrally located, had flexible hours and would actually make me feel comfortable about leaving my dog there. The concept I had was built to address the specific needs of who I was.

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Seven Seas Pet Store | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Eric′s business, Seven Seas Pet Store, carries an extensive selection of aquatics products, including aquariums, ponds, and tropical fish. It also offers food, treats, toys, grooming products, training supplies and more for cats, dogs and small pets. After a couple of years of mentoring, Gordon introduced Eric to the concept of ...

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Professional & Business Services | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Pet care professionals have found themselves scrambling to adapt during COVID-19. This eguide offers steps on how to protect your business. Read more. Blog. Managing Yourself: 3 Tips for Balancing Work as a New Freelancer

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Professional Dog Mom | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Professional Dog Mom provides 30 to 60-minute walks, in-home overnight stays and daycare, socialization, transportation, dog park visits and basic obedience to busy dog owners in the Reno, Nevada metropolitan area. Owner Tonda Benge sought mentoring to help with the transition from working with independent contractors to full-fledged employees.

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Mary’s Pet Shuttle & Services, LLC | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Mary’s Pet Shuttle & Services is a Pet Taxi Services to the Veterinarian, Groomer, Dog Licensing, Spay/Neuter/Rabies Clinics and Pet Sitting. SCORE’s online and in-person class offerings gave Stegmann a solid foundation in taxes and business strategy.

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Upgrading an idea for a doggie treats business | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Berg and Farnsworth are founders of Auggie's Doggies Inc., makers of organic handmade gourmet pet treats. Berg makes the doggie biscuits and pet treats, including birthday cakes for pets. They also sell brand name organic pet food products for cats, dogs, birds and other pets.The business is a career change for the couple.

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Q&A: KPETS founder planning next chapter for pet therapy ...

Posted: (52 years ago) In 2003, Karen Gerth founded a nonprofit that puts dogs to work as therapists. Since then, the popularity of the service has exploded and today KPETS — Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services — has some 400 registered volunteers who bring their pets to hospitals and nursing homes to help provide comfort and rehabilitation.

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Wigglyville in Wrigleyville Hits Revenue Targets with ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Even with a major national chain pet store several blocks away, Wigglyville Inc., a pet store in the Wrigleyville neighborhood owned by Hollus Gessler, earned over $200,000 in revenues in just ten months of business with the help of SCORE Counselor Kisoon Park. According to industry statistics, only 14% of independent pet-supply stores in the nation have sales that fall in the range of ...

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3 Best Practices for Small Business Owners’ Annual Review ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 12, 2021  · Pet Insurance (29%) Of course, some of the benefits employees want vary depending on their age and stage of life. If you’re unsure of their needs, ask them. As you review the employee benefits, you currently offer, keep in mind that physical, mental, and financial wellness are top of mind for employees these days, so try to address those ...

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Kim's Animal House Receives Accounting Help From SCORE Mentor

Posted: (52 years ago) Kim’s Animal House has grown into an all-breed, full-service pet grooming salon including a retail section that offers high-quality holistic foods, treats and products. The salon now employs three full-time employees, including Kim’s daughter, Ariel.

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Business Signs are a Great Marketing Tool - SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) May 10, 2011  · • Western Pet Supply – “We have it all, for less!” • Carpet World – “Elegance Underfoot” • Tito’s Tacos – “Voted the best in town” You will notice that each sign conveys a benefit to the consumer, simply. I think that is key.

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Shari Young | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) I have worked in the travel industry, with direct mail, publishing, pet care facilities and currently operate a non-profit based in Kenya. I also have rental properties in CA/CO/AZ, one of which was used as an AirBNB and all are independent LLCs. My strengths are start-ups, sales, marketing, web development, employee management, rentals and non-profits. In the travel industry I first worked ...

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Jay Weiss | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) I have been a business owner for 45 years, manufacturing, costing, finance, operations. Manufactured ladies clothing and manufactured pet lifestyle products.

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Pricing your Service - SCORE 7.01 | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) May 27, 2021  · Labor and materials. Labor costs include the wages and benefits you pay your employees and/or sub-contractors who perform, supervise, or manage your service business. Labor costs are usually expressed as an hourly wage. For example: Labor Cost (2 workers total 24 hours) at $12.00/hr. = $ 288.00. Supervision (4 hours at $18.00/hr) = $ 72.00.

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Four Common Sense Goals for Your Retail Shop | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 16, 2012  · They might make a positive comment about a child or pet in the car. They may keep treats available for kids or for Fido. They may even hand a regular customer a special coupon for a free drink or sandwich the next time around. NOTE: One of Nordstrom's nice touches comes when they finish ringing up the sale. They don't hand the package over the ...

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What Insurance is Best for a Small Business? | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) Feb 25, 2021  · Whether you are searching for life insurance, health insurance, or even pet insurance, make sure to check reviews before proceeding with a company. There are many ways to review an insurance company before proceeding with a policy. Review sites, Google reviews, Glassdoor, BBB reviews, and more are all online destinations where you can get a ...

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How To Get Your Product in Stores: 9 Tips From ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Hit Good-Fit Stores Hard. Landing a coveted spot on the shelves of a retail store is a dream most … Online Sales History. The increased demise of retail businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic … Establish Distribution Relationships. Getting Laughing Man, a coffee company we did work for, … Second Degree Connections. No matter how small your town is, networking and connecting with … Nail Your Branding. Getting the message of the product on point is key to getting recognized before … Start Local and Network. Talk with business owners and create a demand in your community and … Earned Endorsements. Earned endorsements make the best case for your product. Sampling small … Trade Shows. The most reliable method is to attend a relevant trade show as an exhibitor. While … Pitch In Person or on LinkedIn. My best piece of advice to an entrepreneur that is looking to get … See full list on

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Chloe Clark | SCORE

Posted: (52 years ago) I specialize in business strategy, social media marketing, and product development for small businesses and entrepreneurs. As a serial entrepreneur, I have started several businesses in various industries. I have had businesses in the e-commerce, creative services, food & beverage, and the pet industry. I know the importance of research and ...

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