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Posted: Saturday Nov 21, 2020


Pet Urns | Animal Cremation Urn for the Ashes of your Pets

Posted: (4 days ago) Because of the rise in popularity of pet cremation, pet cremation urns have taken on a new role, and the demand for them is higher than ever. Our line of Pet cremation urns are available in a huge variety to suit any family’s need. Whether your beloved friend is a cat, dog, bird or even a horse, there is a perfect pet urn to capture the ...


Custom Pet Urns | Handmade Pet Cremation Urns for Dogs or Cats

Posted: (3 days ago) Custom pet urns offer a beautiful selection of cremation vessels that can capture the extraordinary essence of a truly remarkable pet. These urns are made of a variety of different materials, such as ceramic, metal and polystone, and feature unique and one-of-a-kind designs. One particular favorite is a beautiful metal pet urn that is available ...


Wood Pet Urns | A Wooden Pet Cremation Urn

Posted: (2 days ago) Information on Classic Wooden Pet Cremation Urns to Memorialize Wood has long been utilized by man to create a vast amount everyday utilities that made, and continue to make, our lives easier. From the first, primitive tools, to the countless uses it has today, wood has been a main source of sustenance for the development of our world today.


Pet Cremation Bracelet | Bracelets for the Ashes of your ...

Posted: (3 days ago) For those who which to keep a small remembrance of the pet at arm's length, but do not wish to place anything in the piece, there is a charm bracelet which holds a tag, personalized with a photo of the pet. This offers a wonderful visual tribute of the pet that can be carried along at all times, wherever life may take us.


Urn Vaults for Pets | Burial Vaults for your Pet Cemetery

Posted: (9 days ago) Pet Burial Urn Vaults are a fantastic idea when putting you loved pets cremation ashes to rest at a pet cemetery or even at home.


Pet Caskets | Casket for Dogs & Cats | Pet Coffins ...

Posted: (3 days ago) Pet Caskets are also sometimes called pet containers or even pet coffins, but no matter what you call them, pet caskets are a great, comforting part of any memorial service planned for a lost special friend. Grieving experts say it can be important to say goodbye properly, and these products certainly help with that.


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