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As a leading business within the laminating film industry (thermal lamination film, BOPP substrate film), KDX has invested heavily to provide material and service support for the global printing, packaging and decorating industries.

Posted: Tuesday Jan 19, 2021

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PET Spec Sheet - KDX America

Posted: (2 days ago) PET is available in both High Gloss and Non-Reflective Matte finishes. These films are excellent for one or two sided laminating with or with-out edge seal. PET Thicknesses: High Gloss finishes available in 1.2mil, 1.5mil, 3mil, 5mil and 10mil. Non-Reflective Matte finishes available in 1.2mil, 1.5mil, 3mil and 5mil

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Films and Applications - KDX America

Posted: (2 days ago) We offer 3 distinct substrate for standard thermal laminating films; PET (polyester), BOPP (polypropylene) and Nylon in a variety of finishes, textures and sizes. We are also positioned to offer many specialty films for special applications. If you are looking for a thermal film for a special project or manufacturing requirement just let us ...

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Brush Foil Metalized Film - KDX America

Posted: (8 days ago) Substrate: Special PET . Features: High Bond Strength Thermal Adhesive, Post Lamination Processes: UV Coating, Stamping and Gluing. Brush Foil Metalized Film: Can be directly laminated with paper. Can accept a UV coating and/or hot stamping... Designed for packaging, book covers, brochures and much more...

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RoHS PET Gloss - kdxamerica.com

Posted: (19 days ago) KDX America© 2020. All Rights Reserved. RoHS— PET Gloss RESOURCES


Why are there different types and which applicatio

Posted: (12 days ago) PET has the highest melting temperature of the three main films. Nylon-6 is a unique polymer. Oriented nylon can absorb up to 6% moisture by weight and swell of expands. Paper also expands with changes in moisture so that both materials move together. As a result curl of the laminate is minimal.

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What are its applications? - KDX America

Posted: (15 days ago) PET. Nylon. What are its applications? The applications are many, ranging from a one sided lamination to a paperback book, called a "perfect bound". These laminated papers can also be used in a "case bound" construction where there is a very stiff paper structure giving strength to the book.