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Biology-based nutrition to help your best friend live their best life. Every pet deserves a food that keeps in step with their changing needs. From supporting mobility in dogs, to helping cats prone to hairballs, Hill’s Science Diet foods are made for every stage of a healthy pet’s life.

Posted: Wednesday Dec 2, 2020

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Hill's Pet Nutrition - Dog & Cat Food Transforming Lives

Posted: (6 days ago) Hill’s Pet NutritioN: PREMIUM PET FOOD BACKED BY SCIENCE. From their days as puppies and kittens to their years as senior dogs and cats, our biology-based nutrition stays a step ahead for differences you can see, feel and trust.

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Dog and Cat Care Articles | Hill's Pet

Posted: (2 days ago) Known for suspicious, protective instincts, the Akbash dog is fiercely independent and can be a challenge to train into an acceptable family pet. The Akbash dog is a large, powerful dog. Size can range from 28 to 34 inches with weights of 80 to 140 pounds


10 Everyday Helpful Pet Care Tips | Hill's Pet

Posted: (1 days ago) Learning socialization skills will help your puppy or kitten bond with you and with other pets. Ask your vet or local animal shelter for recommendations for good trainers in your area or at-home training guides to read. A well-trained pet is a happy pet, and that translates to a happy pet parent. 9. Following Dog Park Rules


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Posted: (3 days ago) ASPCA Pet Loss Hotline . 1-877-474-3310. Created to help pet parents who are grieving the loss of a pet, or need help establishing a relationship with a new pet. Pet Travel Information. 1-877-241-0184. Call for information on regulations and restrictions, pet container requirements, vet certificates, and clearing security. AVMA. 1-800-621-6360


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Posted: (2 days ago) The loss of a pet is a difficult time for your entire household. But remembering to provide comfort and support to your four-footed family members during this time can help aid the grieving process and promote healing for the whole family. Contributor Bio. Jean Marie Bauhaus.

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