BDO Dorin Morgrim's Secret Journal: Adventure Log

Dorin Morgrim's Secret Journal is a level 59+ Adventure Log item collection series. Dorin’s Log was added 20th May 2020 in Black Desert Online on the NA server.

Posted: Monday Nov 23, 2020


BDO Pets & Pet Food (Black Desert Online) - GrumpyG

Posted: (2 days ago) Pet Skills, Talents, and Special Abilities (Basic) Passive pet buffs have 3 different categories: Pet Skills: Each pet can have up to 3 Pet Skills depending upon Level and Tier. Tier 1: 1 Pet Skill at Level 10 Tier 2: 1 Pet Skill Tier 3: 2 Pet Skills Tier 4: 3 Pet Skills Pet Talents: Each pet has 1 Talent. Pet Special: Each pet has 1 Special Ability. Tier 1 pets come with a Talent and a ...


BDO Free Pets Guide (Black Desert Online) - GrumpyG

Posted: (2 days ago) Free Pet: Bareed’s Junaid (Junaid Cat) The last free pet is obtained after completing the Mediah main story line. Bareed’s Cat is the same as Junaid Cat in the Pearl Shop. This free cat pet is able to detect resources like tree/herb/ore nodes. It also gives a boost to Life Skill Exp. +1% to +4% at Tier 4.


BDO Hedgehog Guide: Gathering Pet (Black Desert Online ...

Posted: (2 days ago) BDO Hedgehog is a popular gathering pet that gives a helping hand to the Gathering Life Skill. This adorable munchkin-faced pet is a must have for anyone who spends allot of time chopping, butchering, mining, etc in Black Desert Online. Hedgehogs give significantly more gathered materials because of their Special Talent.



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Black Desert Pearl Shop & P2W Guide - GrumpyG

Posted: (2 days ago) Four Classic pets + 1 free Kuku pet will cost 3600 Pearls or 4400 Pearls for 4 of any other pet. Pets that are seasonal or Limited can be more expensive if you have to purchase bundles in order to obtain them. The cost of 5 Tier 4 pets is about $500.


BDO Leveling Guide (Black Desert Online) - GrumpyG

Posted: (1 days ago) Pet Combat Exp Skill. Even tier 1 pets have a random chance to obtain a Combat EXP Skill that will add +5%. With 5 Tier 1 pets, you could possibly obtain a total of 25%. The chances of this happening, without considerable luck or Pearl-effort is rare, however.


BDO Gathering Guide (Black Desert Online) - GrumpyG

Posted: (2 days ago) Pet Life Skill Talent: Life Skill Experience Gain 1-4%. 4% doesn’t sound like much, but with 5 pets, you could increase your Gathering experience by 20%. Most cats give Life Skill buff. Pet Skills: Gathering Level +1 and/or Gathering Exp +5%. Random chance to obtain by all pets.


Black Desert Free to Play & Price Guide (BDO 2019 ...

Posted: (1 days ago) Penguin: Limited Pet Type. Currently not available for free. This pet has been given in the past for free. (Attendance/Loyalty Reward) Challenge Reward Dog/Cat: Classic Pet Type. Challenge Reward for 5,000 hours of play. Young Crimson Dragon: Special Pet Type. Obtained via a rare boss drop. Pre-order price is currently 850 million Silver.


BDO Beginners Guide (Black Desert Online New Player Tips ...

Posted: (2 days ago) Pet Talents & Special Abilities Pet Talents and Special Abilities for T1 pets like dogs and birds are good for grinding. Other pets, like cats and Hedgehog, are good for Life Skills. Pandas currently have a strange mechanic, so you may want to avoid them, unless you think they are too adorable to pass up! (Which they are.)


Balenos Fishing Rod & AFK Fishing (Black Desert Online ...

Posted: (2 days ago) Best AFK Fishing Pet Arguably, the best fishing pet is the Newborn Dragon, in which you can pick the skills you want, which would include a Talent of Durability Reduction Resistance and a Special Skill of Auto-fishing Time Reduced. This pet is called Newborn Crimson Dragon or Newborn Golden Dragon.