Petpal Pet Nutrition Technology | China | GlobalPETS

Petpal Pet Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd (300673.SZ) is a family-owned company based in Wenzhou, China. Founded by Mr Chen Zhenbiao in 2002, the company is principally engaged in the research, development and sale of pet food. It is continuouslys developing nutritionally balanced pet foods and appealing pet products.

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Pet owners and brand loyalty | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) A pet is defined as any domesticated or tamed animal that is kept as a companion and cared for affectionately. For most pet owners, the emotional bond between owner and pet is so strong that the decisions regarding its welfare transcend simple economics.

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Magazine | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) PETS International magazine. PETS International is distributed to 40.000+ pet professionals in 130+ countries and presents a selection of the latest pet industry insights about market developments, ingredients & production, food and accessories. Image.

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PETS International | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) PETS International is the leading information platform for the international pet industry. We offer news, information and connect you with international business partners worldwide via different channels. –PETS International Magazine: reaching over 40,000 decision makers in the pet …

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News | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Jul 05, 2021  · In our weekly newsletter, we help pet industry execs make sense of where the industry is going: The latest updates on acquisitions, investments and mergers. Global and regional market analysis and reports. Insights into trends, consumer behavior and expert opinion pieces. Email Address.

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Global pet industry: Facts and figures | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 02, 2017  · The pet market in Canada has seen continual growth for decades, even during challenging. Image. 2021: The International Year of Fruit and Vegetables Why this year is the ideal time for manufacturers to benefit from integrating fruit and. Image. The US: looking back at …

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Modern pet ownership | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Pet parents are here to stayWith almost 60% of consumers worldwide now pet owners, modern pet ownership has become a key, cross-industry topic in society. A drastic change in the role of pets within our lives has occurred over the last decades. Due to major changes in society, culture, and economy, pets have become full family members in many households as their owners’ relationship with ...

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Exciting trends in the US pet industry | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Apr 24, 2020  · Two-thirds of homes have pets The American Pet Products Association (APPA) reports a steady incline of pet ownership over the past 30 years, with pets now in 67% of American households. Recent APPA figures put total US pet industry expenditures for 2019 at $95.7 billion (€85.7 billion), with an estimated projection of $99 billion (€88 billion) for 2020.

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U.S. Pet Market Growth in Pandemic Era | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) E-commerce accounted for 30% of total pet product sales in 2020, up from only 8% in 2015. E-commerce is the most prominent part of a larger “digital” pet care sphere. At its core, digital pet care is the virtual exchange of pet health-related data and dollars, and the market prospects of digital pet care are stellar:

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Pet health meets pet food technology | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Gut health Feeding complete foods rich in natural fibre is undoubtedly good for a pet’s health – a fact that is backed up by an array of scientific studies. As components of pet food, and functional ingredients, specific fibre sources are primarily known for their ability to keep a pet’s digestive systems healthy and balanced. Clinical studies have shown that supplementing dry and wet ...

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The pet industry in the Middle East | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) May 27, 2020  · Pet’s Delight is an innovative market leader with its combined online and B&M presence. The Pet Shop started as an online platform and currently holds the largest online share. To create a strong bond with consumers, it offers grooming and kennels, as well as pet relocation services, and recently launched a mega brick and mortar store.

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Petpal Pet Nutrition Technology China | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Mission and values Founded by Mr. Chen Zhenbiao in 2002, Petpal Pet Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd (300673.SZ) is a family firm based in Wenzhou, China. As a new high-tech enterprise, the company is principally engaged in the research, development and sales of nutritional, hygienical, and functional pet products. Petpal aims to create a harmonious coexistence between human beings and pets, by ...

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Pet care trends Austria, Germany and Switzerland | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Pet ownership may be growing in popularity in Germany and Austria (although not in Switzerland), but with private label accounting for close to one third of pet food value sales, the pricing power of brands is limited and real value sales are struggling to keep pace with volume sales in terms of growth.

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Valta Pet Products | Russia | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) About ValtaThe history of Valta Pet Products goes back to the 1990s, when the Russian pet industry was still in its infancy. Valta was one of the first companies that aimed to become a true friend and partner of pet loving people, through their desire to increase and improve the lifespan of their pets.For twenty years, Valta has carried out its mission of promoting safe, loving, long- term ...

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Pet-Continent | Russia | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Pet-Continent’s assortment currently includes 24 brands and 7,000 SKUs representing all the basic pet product groups. The product range is composed and upgraded with an eye to future market requirements. The company is always looking for new distribution deals with the best European and American manufacturers. When selecting products, Pet ...

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Canadian retailer Pet Valu goes public | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 21, 2021  · The IPO is expected to generate gross proceeds of about C$275 million (€186m or 220m USD). Pet Valu was taken private in 2019 by Roark Capital Group for about C$144 million (€97m or USD 116m). Pet Valu was founded in 1976 and has grown to more than 600 locations across Canada, including corporate and franchise-owned stores. In its filing, the company said they see an opportunity …

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The EU Green Deal and the pet industry | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) One important aspect of the pet food industry is the fact that it upcycles surplus products from the human food chain. The animal-based ingredients used in pet food cannot be used in human food for reasons such as popularity, cultural preferences or appearance. However, these valuable ingredients are safe and nutritious for pets.

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M-PETS belgium | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Full service provider The M-PETS brand was established with a mission to make pet products with a purpose, and a passion to create moments of joy for all pets and their owners. The company manufactures a wide range of innovative and high quality products for dogs, cats and small animals totalling over 1,500 SKU’s and covered by more than 450 patents.

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Carry Pet Food POLAND | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Carry Pet Food was established in 1992 as part of Weider Hunderkauartikel GmbH in Germany. In order to meet new market demands, the company moved to a new, modern factory in the north of Poland in 2013.The company specialises in high-quality, natural chews …

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The Polish pet market in 2020 | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Sep 30, 2020  · The pet market in Poland is one of the largest in the Central-Eastern European region. Since the late 90s, it has been growing at around 4-5% per year, based on historic sales at traditional pet shops and the growing role of e-commerce.

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New pet food launches down, opportunity for innovation ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 01, 2020  · New pet food product launches in the United States have been gradually declining since 2017 and, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing persistent impacts, just 169 new pet food and treat products were launched between February 2019 and March 2020, according to a joint report by Mintel and Tree Top Ingredients.

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Brazilian pet market analysis | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) The Brazilian pet marketIn 2015, the pet food and products market in Brazil recorded a turnover of R$18 billion (US$5 billion), a 7.6% growth compared to 2014 – according to data of the Brazilian Association of the Industry of Products for Pets (Abinpet). In 2016, the sector is expected to grow by 7% and achieve a turnover of R$19.2 billion (US$5.3 billion).

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The future of pet retail. Giving customers what they want ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Giving customers what they want As the volume of online sales continues to increase - also within the pet sector - brick-and-mortar retailers are feeling the pressure. During the GlobalPETS Forum, held in Vienna in January of this year, CEO’s of main pet retail chains discussed how specialty pet retailers are facing the future: in both the short and long term, on- and offline.

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Analysis of pet owner purchasing patterns | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Pet toys As soon as we went into lockdown, demand for pet toys increased. It stayed fairly constant for the rest of the year, with a high demand surge towards the holiday season. After the holidays, pet toy demand in January and February of 2021 was ahead of last year, possibly in line with the fact that more people got a pet during quarantine?

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Pure play e-commerce dominates online pet sales | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) May 30, 2021  · Together, pure play online operators and traditionally brick-and-mortar based competitors represent 30% of all pet product sales. Even so, the pure play operators dominate online sales. By draw among those buying pet products online, the leaders are Amazon (59%) and Chewy (41%), followed by (33%) and then and Measuring by dollar sales share rather …

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Pet care in Russia | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Retail volume growth According to Euromonitor, pet care witnessed a relatively strong development over the 2012-2017 review period despite the economic downturn, as Russian pet owners refused to cut down on expenses on their pets. However, several years of economic recession took its toll on the development of pet care. Retail volume growth remained low in 2016, and a similar dynamic is ...

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Purina reveals trends and challenges in pet market ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 07, 2021  · Trends. Increase of pet ownership - Recently published Euromonitor figures show an acceleration in pet acquisition across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, compared to 2019 where pet population growth was 3m. 2020 saw the total pet population grow by 5.1m across the region – representing an incremental growth of 70%.

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Japanese pet market | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Financials Since 2015, when the country’s population of dogs and cats reached 9.4 million and 9.3 million respectively, Japan's pet market value has been stable at around JPY 1.4 trillion (€10.8 billion / $12.6 billion). The total market value is expected to remain stable in 2018.

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Petmarketspain | Spain | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Complex market The complexity of the pet market in Spain makes it very difficult to generate significant sales by traditional means, such as using a national distributor or importer. As no distributor covers the country as a whole, manufacturers are forced to work with multiple, local distributors. Many, independently operating retailers countrywide, make working the market even more complex.

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APPA survey reveals trends on US pet ownership, spending ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 28, 2021  · The 2021-2022 Survey reports pet ownership has increased from an estimated 67% of U.S. households that own a pet to an estimated 70%. Millennials were also revealed to be the largest cohort of pet owners at 32%, followed closely by Boomers at 27% and Gen X at 24%.

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Wattie's opens refurbished pet food factory | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 07, 2021  · The pet food manufacturing facility in Tomoana, Hastings (New Zealand), produces cat food brands Chef, Gourmet and Champ as well as a range of pet food products for export. Wattie's pet food is sold in New Zealand, Asia, the United States and the Middle East. They expect the new plant's 30% growth capability to come from these and other international markets.

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Swiss Pet Solution | Switzerland | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Apr 23, 2020  · Swiss Pet Solution | Switzerland. As the name suggests, Swiss Pet Solution represents Swiss quality. The company is new on the international market, but has been producing super premium quality pet food for more than 30 years. It is the only Swiss producer to offer a complete high-end range of pet food for dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits and birds.

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Five valuable components in product development | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Today’s buyer’s needs Nowadays, the product development team must understand what a buyer wants if it is to meet demand. But the pet food industry works simultaneously for two target audiences: the pet parent and their pet. A product’s composition, appearance and cost, trust in the manufacturer, plus the health, beauty and longevity of the pet are important to the buyer.

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ANF Pet | United States | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) The ANF heritage is built on a foundation of finding a better way. At the core of ANF Pet is an unwavering dedication to provide the best nutrition for healthy dogs and cats. Today, the company is a totality of a lot of brands that offer dry and wet recipes designed to provide life-long nutrition for dogs and cats.

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KKR Acquires Natural Pet Food Group | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) May 09, 2021  · Neil Hinton, CEO of Natural Pet Food Group said, “Our business is about providing pet owners with the very best in natural, high-meat nutrition for the four-legged members of their families. KKR has an impeccable pedigree in our sector which will help us grow, develop new products and take our brands to new customers and new markets, all over the world.”

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Agras Pet Foods | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Agras Pet Foods was established in 1986 with the objective of giving pet food the same qulity, care and attention paid to food for human consumption. Global exclusiveness It was the first company to launch single-portion, wet pet food with 100% natural ingredients, and continues to pioneer development of new flavours and formats.

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Petindex | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Apr 26, 2020  · The Pet Industry Federation (PIF), the UK trade association for pet businesses, has announced the launch of a new industry-wide trade show aimed at all pet businesses within the UK pet industry, including those within the pet services sector, Petindex. Petindex builds on research that the Pet Industry Federation undertook with manufacturers and ...

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Pet industry in South East Asia – from pet lovers to pet ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Key to a flourishing sector The South East Asian pet industry is expected to reach the $1.4 billion (€1.2 billion) mark by 2020, with a healthy annual growth rate of around 7%. Pet owners, not only from the high-income group but also from the middle-income group, are increasingly demanding more organic, healthy and nutritious food, among other pet services.

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In U.S. Pet Market, Cats are Clawing for More Attention ...

Posted: (52 years ago) "Traditionally and still too often, pet product manufacturers, retailers, and marketers tend to give cats short shrift, including in the minds of cat owners," says David Sprinkle, research director for market research firm Packaged Facts, which recently published the report Durable Dog and Cat Petcare Products, 3rd Edition.

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Poland | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Many Polish pet food manufacturers are represented by meat processing plants which, taking advantage of their access to raw materials, are looking to gain advantage from diversification on the food market. Łmeat-Łuków, owner of the Dolina Noteci brand, the third biggest national manufacturer of wet food products in Poland, has recently ...

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Two pet insurance companies got funded this week | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 07, 2021  · Although increasingly popular, the market penetration of pet insurance is still low in major pet markets such as the UK and US: approximately 25 percent and 2 percent respectively. These two companies are betting on this opportunity and hope to drive increased adaption. Bought by many Since launching in 2017, the UK company has become one of the leading pet insurers in Europe.

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Odalia | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Living together “As the trend of ‘pet parenting’ continues to gather momentum, a growing number of cat owners share their living space with their cats. Odalia, a part of Diana Pet Food, develops unique, innovative scent and care solutions for pets and their owners to live in perfect harmony,” says Marc Henry Lussigny, Director of Odalia.

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Rukka Pets | Finland | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) The brand is the right choice for pet owners looking for ecologically friendly products. The collection includes products made from sustainable materials. The comfortable, trendy and protective coat range is made using Repreve, the leading branded performance …

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Royal Avebe | The Netherlands | GlobalPETS

Posted: (52 years ago) Royal Avebe offers the pet food industry a wide portfolio of high-quality ingredients from potatoes, ranging from functional starches for texture to potato proteins for nutrition. This makes the company a valuable partner for natural and balanced pet food.

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Will one-third of global pet care sales move online by ...

Posted: (52 years ago) May 03, 2021  · Euromonitor released a new webinar revealing key insights and trends of the pet industry in 2020. And based on their research, the trend will indeed continue. COVID-19 also accelerated another trend: premiumisation or pet owners spending more on their pet. Austrialia spent most on food per dog and cat in 2020 (around USD 275 or EUR 227), followed by North America (USD 211 or EUR 175) …

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Insect-based proteins for pets: lack of knowledge is main ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Conscious shopping Between 40 and 50% of the pet owners surveyed say that they read the ingredients list when purchasing pet food in an attempt to stay informed about what they give to their pets. They are concerned about everything their pets consume. More than 60% of the pet parents indicate that, when it comes to their pet’s food, ingredients are significantly more important than brand ...

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