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Posted: Thursday Sep 24, 2020


How to Help Kids and Pets Get Along | Cooking Light

Posted: (2 days ago) Do show kids the right way to pet animals: Call the pup to you, and if it approaches, pet under the chin, the chest or shoulders, "not up and over the head," says Albright, which can be perceived as a threat. "Show your child what gentle, enjoyable petting looks like," Silvani adds. "Explain that hitting, kicking, or pinching dogs, as well as riding, teasing, or intentionally scaring them is ...


Mars Pet Foods, Including IAMS and Pedigree, Sanctioned by ...

Posted: (2 days ago) During this time, multiple consumers also complained about finding hard plastic pieces and elastic material in their pet’s food. The plastic was traced back to broken equipment at the plant. After consumers discovered foreign material in the canned food in 2016, Mars recalled 54,255 cases of CESAR Classics Filet Mignon Flavor.

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FDA Expands Massive Dog Food Recall Due to Vitamin D ...

Posted: (2 days ago) UPDATE: The Food and Drug Administration is warning pet owners of a widespread recall of dry pet foods, which was expanded on December 20. Turns out, there's a new reason for concern—one brand has tested positive for a possible salmonella contamination.

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Healthy Pet Guide | Cooking Light

Posted: (23 days ago) Keep your pet healthy and happy with our tips and advice on nutrition, exercise, and more.


Pet Project | Cooking Light

Posted: (2 months ago) Put Your Pet to the Test To determine whether your pet needs to drop a few pounds, start by comparing its weight measurements from annual vet visits. Doctors Thatcher and Swecker also recommend the use of "body-condition scoring," which involves a visual and hands-on appraisal of how over- or underweight your pet is.


Pet-Safe Spring Cleaning | Cooking Light

Posted: (2 days ago) "Carpets attract dirt, dust, pet hair and stains, and over time, they can become really grimy," says Cameron. "Taking care of carpets and rugs is the must-do activity when it comes to spring cleaning." She recommends twice-yearly professional cleaning (confirm that they use pet-safe cleaning agents) or renting a premium vacuum cleaner to do it ...

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