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California Manufacturing Technology Consulting CMTC Is a non-profit consulting company that helps customers increase ROI by improving efficiency.

Posted: Friday Nov 27, 2020


Perfection Pet Foods - CMTC

Posted: (6 days ago) Perfection Pet Foods manufactures extruded dry dog and cat food as well as baked dog and cat treats. Perfection Pet Foods puts a significant focus on food safety and has achieved SQF Level II food safety certification. Capable of manufacturing traditional grain based foods PLUS fresh meat, grain free diets. Manufacturing Processes

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition, A Division of Colgate-Palmolive

Posted: (13 days ago) Hill’s Pet Nutrition management’s goal was to reduce scrap and rework any associated energy costs. Hill’s Pet Nutrition determined the need to benchmark and ultimately improve its performance as compared to other Colgate-Palmolive production facilities located outside the state of California.


Soul'y Raw Pet Food - CMTC

Posted: (1 days ago) Soul'y Raw Pet Food was established in 2009 as a family operated business passionately dedicated to making the highest quality pet food and treats for dogs & cats. Our ingredients are locally purchased, fresh, human grade, hormone and antibiotic free, non-irradiated, USDA inspected and approved raw meat, bone, wild caught ocean fish and organic ...

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Doggie Walk Bags - CMTC

Posted: (2 months ago) Doggie Walk Bags is celebrating over 30 years of making and marketing pet waste pickup bags. We are truly one of the garage to building success stories. We currently have a warehouse and office building with 25 employees. Back in 1988 there were no pet waste sections or categories in the pet stores.

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Gamma2 - CMTC

Posted: (3 days ago) The original concept was designed for the biomedical storage industry, but GAMMA2, Inc.'s CEO, Curt Leland, saw an unmet meed in the pet industry. At the time, many pet parents didn't realize that pet food could go stale, making it unappetizing (and potentially unhealthy) for their furry babies.

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Economy Supply - CMTC

Posted: (5 days ago) Since 1940, Economy Supply continues to be the industry Gold Standard with 4420 proven quality for the manufacture of long lasting precision shears for cosmetologists, barbers, and pet groomers.

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Plastics & Co-Pack, LLC - CMTC

Posted: (3 days ago) Plastics & Co-Pack is a manufacturer of custom PET plastic bottles. All of your manufacturing news delivered monthly to your inbox. Sign up for CMTC's monthly "News for Manufacturers" to stay current on industry news, upcoming events, Made in California program news, customer highlights, and more!


CMTC Customer Stories | CMTC

Posted: (2 months ago) Doggie Walk Bags, Inc. For Doggie Walk Bags, Business is Picking Up! Doggie Walk Bags manufactures bags specifically designed to help dog owners clean up the waste that pets “leave behind” in public areas. Although used during an “unpleasant task,” Doggie Walk Bags’ products are baby powder scented to neutralize odors for pet owners, are opaque in color to hide the contents, and are ...


California Manufacturing Technology Consulting | CMTC

Posted: (2 days ago) California Manufacturing Technology Consulting CMTC Is a non-profit consulting company that helps customers increase ROI by improving efficiency.


The Manufacturer's Guide to Reducing Production Waste

Posted: (1 days ago) Every year, U.S companies generate over 7 billion tons of solid industrial waste. In light of rising disposal costs, regulatory pressures, and changing consumer preferences, companies in the manufacturing industry have begun seeking new ways of reducing production wastes.