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Danish Design Pet Products Ltd. Throughout UK and the rest of Europe we are market leaders in the Pet Product industry. From toys to beds we offer a variety of products perfect for the household and beyond. About Us. Products and Services. Contact Details. Filter products and services

Actived: Sunday Jul 25, 2021

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Posted: (52 years ago) GA Pet Food Partners: Gabbro Precision Ltd: Gables Engineering Inc: Gadea Grupo Farmacéutico: GAF Fiber Glass: Gaffney-Kroese Supply Corp: GAIN - Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition: Gainsborough Electrical Services Ltd: Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center: Galaxy Optical Services Ltd: Galaz. Yamazaki. Ruiz Urquiza. S.C. Galgorm ...

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Bristol Plastic Containers | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Clear PET Plastic Jars are now becoming more popular than Traditional glass and are now a firm favourite within our fishing tackle and bait making customers. Our Sturdy Food Approved Polypropylene buckets are available in White – Black and Clear and all come with Tamper evident lids as standard sizes start from 500ml right through the large ...

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Posted: (52 years ago) Applegate Supplier Index - 'N' - Page 1. There are 636 suppliers, with names beginning with the letter N, across 1 pages. NACOM Automation Ltd. Nagle Fire Ltd. Naiad Dynamics UK Ltd. Naina Semiconductor Limited. Naish Felts Ltd. Nakajima Metal Leaf, Powder Co Ltd. Nakivo.

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Happy Pet Products Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Happy Pet Products Ltd. Is this your company? Contact Details. Address: Unit 1 Flatten Way Syston Leicester LE7 1GU United Kingdom. Tel: 01162602100 Website: Petroc Campus, Old Sticklepath Hill Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 2BQ ...

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Posted: (52 years ago) PET Bottles: 500: The buyer is looking for an on going supplier of 500 x PET natural bottles and moving to 1000 in the 2nd month. Minimal Jaz colour & minimal Tray. Industrial Cleaner Service Requiring an industrial cleaning service for a concrete floor measuring 2,300 sq/ft. Skips: 9: Looking of a 8 x 14-16 yard skip and 1 x asbestos skip.

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Posted: (52 years ago) Applegate Supplier Index - 'F' - Page 1. There are 900 suppliers, with names beginning with the letter F, across 1 pages. F10 Technical and Engineering Recruitment. F1 Group. F 1 Sheet Metal Ltd.

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Vetfleece | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Vetfleece manufactures the ultimate in comfy pet bedding. Available in various sizes, colours and patterns, Vetfleece is medical grade animal bedding and used by many breeders, kennels and catteries as it is good not only for sick or recovering animals and also whelping or nursing animals. The top of the pet bed is made from a soft and cosy fleece fabric that holds in the heat to keep your ...

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Animal Care | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Animal toys are used by anyone who provides care to animals including farmers, vets, animal researchers, pet owners and animal breeders. Depending on the animal, there will be different grooming requirements and varying demands for interaction - is why it’s important to keep a good stock of animal toys and grooming equipment.

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Next Day Displays | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Anti-glare PET poster covers Grey water-fillable base with in-built wheels and carry handle Fully recyclable aluminium frames, PET poster covers, steel brackets and HDPE base. Mechanical fixings have been used throughout for easy 'end of life' recycling. Click: Forecourt Signs to …

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Peter Jackson and Sons Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) We specialise in manufacturing veterinary bedding and we have a wide range of products. As well as veterinary bedding, we also supply equestrian fabric, rugs, medical accessories, underblankets, polishing pads, and knitting finishing.. We are also an underblanket manufacturer, vet bed manufacturer, pet bedding manufacturer, sheepskin manufacturer, and faux fur manufacturer.

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Gremtek (Part of Gremco UK) | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) GREMFLEX® PET 025-1 is suitable for the protection of pipes, hoses and harnesses where high abrasion resistance characteristics are required. Request a Quote Supplied by …

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Airpets Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Heathrow based pet transport business Airpets Ltd focus on pet transfer to destinations globally. Airpets provide a caring, professional service that handles anything you as well as your pet might need to relocate safely and also happily. Get in touch with Airpets on-line or even give them a call on 01753 685571 to receive a no obligation quote.

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Posted: (52 years ago) Below is a selection of buyers that have been actively looking for potential suppliers using Applegate. To become part of the Applegate Supplier Network or to find out more about how Applegate could help your business, please call +44 (0)345 600 7177 or register here. Peterborough City …

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Posted: (52 years ago) Applegate Supplier Index - 'P' - Page 1. There are 1573 suppliers, with names beginning with the letter P, across 2 pages. P1 Online.

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Alpla UK Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Our plastic bottles are manufactured using PET stretch blow moulding facilities and can be uniquely shaped to suit a diversity of contents. Our plastic bottles are ideal for products of all flavours and colours.. We aim to create high standard plastic bottles reliable for use with a range of beverages including dairy and mineral water.

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Naturediet Pet Foods Ltd. | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Naturediet Pet Foods Ltd - made by people who care, for people who care. • hypoallergenic, wheat-gluten free • 60% meat with brown rice and fresh vegetables • complete and balanced nutrition • naturally low salt and low sugar • easily digested • free of artificial chemical additives • healthy skin …

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Pont Packaging Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Pet Care. Whether for birds, mammals or reptiles, many of today’s pet care products are presented in the same way as many attractive cosmetics products. The presentation of lotions and shampoos, creams, powders or tablets for animals can all be enhanced by top of the range packaging.

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PDM Group (Prosper De Mulder Ltd) | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Pet Food Ingredients We are one of the largest suppliers of protein ingredients to the European pet food sector. Using category 3 ABP, which is material from healthy animals that would be fit for human consumption, but is not consumed for reasons of culture and customer choice, PDM produces chilled, frozen and dried ingredients from the meat ...

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Extruded Plastics Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Please contact Extruded Plastics Ltd sales team to discuss your requirements if the material you intend to use does not appear in the list above. We offer a wide variety of specialised extrusions of both tube & profile in clear, flame retardant and coloured thermoplastics.

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Advanced Vacuum & Lift | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Tecnomors manufacture a complete range of gripper including Inflatable Grippers, Two Jaw Parallel Gripper available in both Alloy and PET, a whole variety of Chucks and Rotary Actuators. We cover England Scotland Wales and Ireland for these products

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Moulding and Extrusion | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Some of which include storage tanks, furniture, road signs and bollards, planters, pet houses, toys, bins and refuse containers, doll parts, road cones, footballs, helmets, canoes, rowing boats, kayak hulls and playground slides. Slush Moulding-0 Suppliers 4 Services

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Micro-Id Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Micro-ID Ltd was created by people who are experts in the field of microchip identification to provide a selection of identification implants and readers, scanners for both animal and industrial applications. For over 20 years microchip implants have been used for the identification of pets, primarily dogs, cats and horses. In 1996 an international standard (ISO 11784 & ISO 11785) was agreed ...

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Blackstar Handling Systems Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) The SUPERBAND (PET) polyester strapping is highly resistant, has limited elongation capacity and is therefore a valid alternative to steel strapping. Inalterable in conditions of sudden temperature changes and unaffected by ultraviolet rays, SUPERBAND strapping guarantees constant tension during each stage of the package handling, thus ...

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PTI Plastics (AS) Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) PTI Plastics Ltd is a recognised WORLDWIDE trader of Fluoropolymers with suppliers and customers throughout. We deal in. Polyetrafluoethylene (PTFE) Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) Copolymer; Tetrafluoroethylene (FEP) Perfluoralkoxy (PFA)

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Leeds Plastic Engineering Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) At Leeds Plastic Engineering Ltd, we can supply and a wide range of bespoke Plastic Change Parts. Our Plastic Change Parts are used in automation applications with the bottling, packaging, printing, food processing and materials handling industries. We also offer a range of manufactured parts including chain tracks, guides, star wheels and many ...

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Doncaster Plastic Fabrication Services Ltd | Applegate ...

Posted: (52 years ago) We are manufacturers and suppliers of polycarbonate sheet and are specialists in custom plastic fabrication for industrial, commercial and home use. We offer nationwide delivery from our base in Doncaster, high quality craftsmanship, expert installation and first-class aftercare. We utilise many plastic sheet building products, one of the most ...

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Ian Berg Plastics Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) If you require something more exotic Ian Berg Plastics Ltd offer Triax, Ixef, LCP, PET and Peek. Tampo Printing. If you want Tampo Printing, Ian Berg Plastics Ltd is the company that you need. Tampo printing transfers ink from an etched plate onto almost any kind of surface making it ideal for virtually any industry. At Ian Berg Plastics Ltd ...

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Lanfranchi UK | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Unscramblers, Bottle Unscrambler Manufacturer, Plastic Bottle Unscrambling Machines Lanfranchi are the world-wide leader for the supply of a complete range of bottle handling machines to handle empty PET, HDPE, PVC, PP bottles for - Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health Products, Household, Chemical and Liquid Food.. Bottle loading and Unloading Systems ...

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Offshore Cheap Meds | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Offshore Cheap Meds is Certified Online Pharmacy , helping American families since 2015 to save up-to 90% on their medications.. As a certified Online Pharmacy member of We understand the need of supplying genuine prescription drugs at affordable prices.

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Gremtek (Part of Gremco UK) | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) GREMTEK’s Gremflex® range offers an extensive portfolio of expandable braided sleeves manufactured from synthetic monofilaments specially designed to offer mechanical, thermal and acoustic insulation. Usually manufactured from PET or PA our products vary in expansion rate and offer differing levels of abrasion resistance to suite your particular requirements.

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Fencing | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Fencing ranges from functional to decorative with common types of fencing includes chain-link fencing, close boarded fencing, spear-top fencing, hurdle fencing, privacy fencing, stockade fencing, perimeter fencing, security fencing, boundary fending, temporary fencing, and pet fence. Fencing can offer a permanent of a temporary solution.

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1st-Packaging | Packaging | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) The RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) that 1ST Packaging uses in the manufacture of its clear cartons has a minimum of 70% post-consumer waste and has excellent clarity. Plastic used for packaging such as plastic bottles is processed for reuse back into consumer packaging applications without compromising manufacturing efficiencies or product performance.

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Keymac Packaging Systems Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) The BX-600 vertical form fill seal machine is designed to pack loose products, granules, powders including potato chips, sweets, snacks, pet food, green vegetable, and IQF food.. Our bagging machine key features include: Servo-drive film transport system; Servo-drive, intermittent motion end seal jaws; PLC and touch screen operation interface with choice of languages and access restriction feature

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Innavisions Plastic Packaging | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Measuring cups for food and pet food use. Hinged containers thermoformed from RPET using post consumer certified materials. About Us. Contact Details. Innavisions Plastic Packaging Overview. 0 PRODUCTS / SERVICES 0 EMPLOYEES -YEAR FOUNDED Petroc Campus, Old Sticklepath Hill ...

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Thermometers Direct Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Medical Thermometers. We stock a selection of medical thermometers suitable for adults, children, babies and pets. Our medical thermometers provide fast and effective readings, suitable for personal and clinical use. Our extensive range of medical thermometers includes: LCD forehead thermometers. Ear thermometers. Infrared forehead thermometers.

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CS Robertson Packaging Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) CS Robertson Packaging Ltd was established in 1971 and since then we have gained over 40 years experience in the Food Packaging sector.. Our Company has grown over time to become a specialist in food packaging. We supply a range of Packaging products, Printed goods and Machinery to a diverse range of customers throughout the United Kingdom.. Based just outside Glasgow, we are perfectly ...

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PBS International | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) PBS International are a global company that specialise in Freight Forwarding and the transportation of various cargoes. Since 1996 we have proudly been growing and expanding to meet our clients needs.

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Storage Crates, Nesting Boxes, Euro Containers Case Study ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Storage Crates, Nesting Boxes and Euro Containers - Full List. As a member of the Applegate Supplier Network, buyers and procurement professionals looking to source products and services can request a quotation to your company directly using eProcurement service, Applegate PRO. Below is a tiny sample of the motivated buyers who visited ...

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Compass Labels and Print Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Compass Labels and Print has been a manufacturer and distributor of labels and associated products for over 30 years, to the retail, mail order and manufacturing sectors. We are a highly experienced label supplier offering a complete, one stop solution for any requirements. From the initial design of your labels to the finished product, Compass ...

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The Double R Company | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Double R Henderson (part of the Double R Group) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Embossing Machines (including Holographic Embossers), Coating & Laminating equipment and other special units.We have been supplying custom built machines to handle a variety of materials such as PET, plastic, films, papers, foil, aluminium sheet, steel strip, and much more!

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Town and Country Petfoods Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) The HiLife brand of dog and cat foods is owned by family-run Town & Country Petfoods, based in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. HiLife is one of the UK’s most popular petfood ranges and was established in …

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Dodd Engineering (North West) Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Dodd Engineering specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of materials handling equipment. Our standard conveyor product range covers most overhead and floor conveying applications. Working with MovoMech of Sweden for the past twelve years we have a wide range of standard industrial lift assist manipulators, for weightless handling, along with the ...

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Adhesive Coatings Ltd | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) Founded in 1985, Adhesive Coatings Ltd is an independent, specialist, adhesive coating and laminating company based in Rochdale. We can coat between 2gsm and 50 gsm of adhesive to a width of 1600mm on to a wide variety of paper, filmic and fabric substrates.

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Lancaster Rubber and Industrial Supplies Ltd | Applegate ...

Posted: (52 years ago) This is a matting often found in entrances, showrooms, coaches and even kitchens. It is an excellent, professional looking product with a subtle surface to provide an easy to clean non-slip area. Available in a variety of colours as above, with either a round “coin” pattern or a square “stud” patterned finish.

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AE Hilton and Son | Applegate Marketplace

Posted: (52 years ago) A E Hilton and Son is a small family run business in West Lancashire, Developing specific feeds for farm animals and all breeds of Horses. We currently follow the UFAS feed legislation. Our aim is to produce high quality feeds at low cost prices. Specific feeds can be tailor made to suit your requirements.

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