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The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas is Nevada’s largest animal shelter where you can adopt a pet, find lost dogs and cats, visit our low-cost vet clinic and more.

Posted: Friday Jan 22, 2021


Animal Shelter and Low-Cost Vet Clinic - Animal Foundation

Posted: (3 days ago) Search Lost and Found Pets. If you lose your pet, visit The Animal Foundation immediately. Lost and stray pets picked up by City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, or Clark County Animal Control are brought to The Animal Foundation’s Lied Animal Shelter.


Adoption Search | The Animal Foundation

Posted: (4 days ago) Our database is regularly updated throughout the day and contains all of our adoptable pets, including pets with special needs or advanced considerations. Adoptions are on a first-come-first-served basis, so hurry in!

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Quality of Life at the Animal Shelter │ The Animal Foundation

Posted: (4 days ago) Some efforts are targeted toward engaging pets’ senses, including in-kennel Kong enrichment, music therapy, aromatherapy, and more. Our animal shelter volunteers play a huge role in each pet’s well-being, giving them much-needed individualized attention in the form of walks, play time, training, and affection.


Volunteer to Foster a Pet in Las Vegas │ The Animal Foundation

Posted: (6 days ago) Fostering a pet from The Animal Foundation is a short-term commitment, but one of the most rewarding opportunities to volunteer in Las Vegas. Most foster placements last two weeks to two months. Our foster coordinator will work with you to make sure your foster match is right for you, your lifestyle, and schedule.


Help with Vet Bills ǀ The Animal Foundation

Posted: (4 days ago) Pet medical care can be expensive. The organizations listed here provide assistance to people facing financial hardship to help cover the cost of their pet’s medical care. Helpful Tips and Suggestions. Try negotiating with your veterinary clinic for a better price or a payment plan to finance the cost of your pet’s medical care over time.

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High-Quality, Low-Cost Vet Clinic │ The Animal Foundation

Posted: (4 days ago) Shelter Pet Vet Care The animal shelter environment is unique in the veterinary care field, requiring different skills than private clinics. In addition to our public Low-Cost Vet Clinic, The Animal Foundation runs one of the most successful high-volume veterinary care operations for shelter pets in the nation.

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Humane Euthanasia for Your Pet │The Animal Foundation

Posted: (6 days ago) Humane Pet Euthanasia. Providing pain-free, respectful, and dignified end-of-life care for your cherished pet is of the utmost importance to our trained staff at The Animal Foundation. Although you cannot be present for the humane euthanasia process, you may visit your pet afterward.

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Adoption | Adopt a Pet Now in Las Vegas | The Animal ...

Posted: (4 days ago) For more information about this pet, please contact The Animal Foundation's Adoption Department at 702-955-5901 or email us. Directions to The Animal Foundation. Learn More! Status. Normal. Donate Help give animals the life they deserve. Adopt Save a life today and add to your family.

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So You Want to Adopt a Fee-Waived Dog | The Animal Foundation

Posted: (5 days ago) Caring for a pet includes long-term costs like food, veterinary visits, vaccines, toys, grooming, and more. If you’re ready to add a four-legged family member to your home, we can’t wait to see you! You may also like: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Adopt a Pet. Pit Bulls Make Great Family Pets. 10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

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Foster | Adopt a Pet Now in Las Vegas | The Animal Foundation

Posted: (4 days ago) The Animal Foundation at 655 N. Mojave Road in Las Vegas is conveniently located off US-95 and Eastern. The Animal Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.


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