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Posted: Wednesday Feb 24, 2021


Pets | Angie's List

Posted: (2 days ago) A highly rated veterinarian explains what pet owners can expect when pets are undergoing spay or neuter surgery. Pet and House Sitting. Kirkwood Dog Sitter Puts Pet Parent at Ease. Saint Louis pet parent says dog sitter’s love for her job and pets is apparent, which put her at ease when she left her dogs for a weekend. ...

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Pet and House Sitting | Angie's List

Posted: (3 days ago) Pet sitters come to your home and care for your pet when you are gone. They may stay in your home the entire time you're gone — especially if they're also house sitting for you — or they may stop in a few times a day to care for your dog or cat.

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Pet Insurance | Angie's List

Posted: (5 days ago) Pet insurance works similarly to human health insurance. If your pet is involved in an accident or develops an illness, and you've already purchased pet insurance to cover them, the pet insurance company you've chosen will reimburse you for part of your veterinary costs.

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Pet Cremation & Burials | Angie's List

Posted: (2 days ago) A pet burial plot and a dug grave cost about $400 to $600. Most cemeteries also require that a pet be buried in a casket, which can cost an additional $50 to $500, if you choose a wooden or plastic casket. Most cemeteries also offer custom crafted caskets from upwards of $4,000. You can also purchase a pet tombstone to mark your pets grave.


Top 10 Dog Sitters & Watchers Near Me | Angie's List

Posted: (2 days ago) Recent Review: All Collars Pet Sitting took such wonderful care of my little guy while we were out of town. Mrs. Whytney's love for animals is apparent from the moment she answers your call. Boxers have a ton of energy and require a lot of love and affection---and that's exactly what he got. She left daily notes and checked in with me each night to let me know how he was doing.

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Local Pet Cremation Services | Angie's List

Posted: (11 days ago) See highly-rated professional pet cremation services for free. Read real local reviews and grades from neighbors so you can pick the right pet cremation service for the job the first time.

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