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Saint | Britannica

Posted: (13 days ago) Saints are persons believed to be connected in a special manner with what is viewed as sacred reality—gods, spiritual powers, mythical realms, and other aspects of the sacred or holy. The religious person may have various relationships with the sacred: as seer, prophet, saviour, monk, nun, priest, priestess, or other such personage.

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Saint - Wikipedia

Posted: (9 days ago) In religious belief, a saint is a person who is recognized as having an exceptional degree of holiness, likeness, or closeness to God. However, the use of the term saint depends on the context and denomination .

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Saint Definition & Meaning |

Posted: (12 days ago) noun. any of certain persons of exceptional holiness of life, formally recognized as such by the Christian Church, especially by canonization. a person of great holiness, virtue, or benevolence. a founder, sponsor, or patron, as of a movement or organization.

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Saint Nicholas | Biography, Facts, Patron Saint, Legends, & Feast …

Posted: (8 days ago) Dec 12, 2022  · Saint Nicholas is one of the most popular saints commemorated in the Eastern and Western churches, and he is now traditionally associated with the festival of Christmas. Nothing certain is known of his life, but he was probably bishop of Myra in the 4th century.

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SAINT - Clean Beauty, Luxury Performance Makeup – SAINT …

Posted: (11 days ago) SAINT is a leaping bunny certified clean makeup line made with antioxidant, high performing skincare ingredients and Ecocert minerals that transform skin for flawless results.

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Saint - definition of saint by The Free Dictionary

Posted: (7 days ago) saint (seɪnt) n. 1. a person of exceptional holiness, formally recognized by the Christian Church esp. by canonization. 2. a person of great virtue or benevolence. 3. a founder or patron, as of a movement. 4. a member of any of various Christian groups. …

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SAINT | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Posted: (12 days ago) C1 [ C ] (written abbreviation St.) (the title given to) a person who has received an official honor from the Christian, especially the Roman Catholic, Church for having lived in a good and holy …

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Saint Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

Posted: (13 days ago) 1 : one officially recognized especially through canonization as preeminent for holinessabbreviation St. 2 a : one of the spirits of the departed in heaven b : angel sense 1a 3 …

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SAINT | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

Posted: (13 days ago) saint noun [ C ] us / seɪnt / (abbreviation St.) a holy person, esp. one who has been officially honored with this title by a Christian church: Elizabeth Seton was the first person born in the …

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St. Joseph Care Center - Spokane, WA | Providence

  Spokane, WA

Posted: (13 days ago) Dedicated to healing. Located on the campus of Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children’s Hospital, St. Joseph is a 112-bed licensed skilled nursing facility with one of the highest patient acuity levels in the state, providing long-term care services as well as short-term rehabilitation care for orthopedic, cardiac and neurological ...

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