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14 animals that are surprisingly legal to own as pets in the US

Posted: (9 days ago) Web Celebrities from Michael Jackson to Salvador Dali have popularized the idea of owning exotic animals as house pets. From lions to tigers to bears, some of the exotic animals that are legal...

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Which Exotic Pets Are Legal in the United States? - PetHelpful

Posted: (11 days ago) Web Jun 26, 2013  · Exotics are generally any animal other than dogs, cats, farm animals, and common "pocket" pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits, and small rodents like hamsters. Small reptiles are exotic pets, but they are rarely banned. Parrots are another exotic species that rarely face bans. There are exceptions to these rules, of course. Exotic Pet Bans

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15 Exotic Animals That You can Legally Own - Luxatic

Posted: (11 days ago) Web 15 Exotic Animals That You can Legally Own 1. Serval Cat. The Serval is a superb cat, but nothing like the ones you’re used to seeing around. They come from... 2. Bengal Cat. For those who would like to have a Leopard as a pet, the Bengal Cat is their best option. It’s like a... 3. Fennec Fox. ...

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Top 18 Exotic Pets That Are Legal In The US - Everything Reptiles

Posted: (9 days ago) Web Top 18 Exotic Pets That Are Legal In The US 1. Bearded Dragon. Bearded Dragons are the most popular pet lizard and the best exotic pet! They are fun for beginners... 2. Leopard Gecko. These Geckos are named after their characteristic brown Leopard spots. Leopard Geckos are small... 3. Tarantula. ...

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Exotic Animal Laws by State - FindLaw

Posted: (11 days ago) Web May 21, 2021  · Legal exotic pets include: Peafowls; Guinea pigs; Chinchillas; Rabbits; Domesticated mice and ...

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